Wednesday, 19 October 2011


In the US birth chart, five of the top ten girl names end with an A and the other five end with either a Y or an E, the only exception being Addison. These names are distinctly girly, but a new breed of names is rising and making itself know. Girl names ending with an O are the new best thing for the parent who wants something different and more edgy for their little girls. The names below are fun, short and sweet, and often immersed in history.

Juno- An ancient Roman Goddess, patroness of Rome. She is also protector of women and marriage.

Phialo- One of the lovers of the demigod Heracles.

Caro- The name is a diminutive of Carol or Caroline, although it is a name in itself also. It means 'free man'.

Arlo or Arlow- Recently used by Johnny Knoxville for his daughter. It means 'hill', but it can be a variant of the name Harlow.

Astro- Of the Stars.

Enyo- An ancient goddess of war.

Hero- In Greek legend, Hero is the tragic lover of Leander. The name can also refer to a Shakespearean character in Much Ado About Nothing.

Calypso- Name of a sea nymph in Greek mythology. She is often for remembered as having kept Odysseus in her island.

Ino- Queen of Thebes who was later worshiped as a goddess. It is often pronounced as Ee-no.

Lalo- Rich Guardian.

Iaso or Ieso - Greek goddess of recuperation from an illness. It is often pronounced as Ee-ah-so.

Cleo- Often a diminutive of Cleopatra.

Clio or Kleio- The muse of history and daughter of Zeus. The name is pronounced as Klai-ou

Dido- Name of the first queen of Carthage.

Tarlo- Bear Cub.

Flo- Diminutive form of Florence.

Echo- A mountain nymph whose voice was taken away by Hera as a punishment.

Leiko- Polynesian and Hawaiian for 'little flower'

Marlo or Marlow- Lake remains.

Aello- A harpy sister, known as 'she of the whirlwind' and as 'the stormy one'. I believe it is pronounced Ah-El-low.

Ceto- An ancient sea goddess. The name is pronounced Keto.

Leto or Lato- A daughter of the Titans Coeus and Phoebe. She was also the mother of Apollo and Artemis.

Cerdo- The wife of Phoroneus in Greek mythology

Also, the following names don't end with O but sound somewhat like they do:

Harlow- From The Mound Of The People

Isabeau- Pledge to God

Margaux or Margot- Pearl

Shiloh- His gift

Willow- From the Willow Grove

Please note that some of the names listed can also be used as boy names, such as Tarlo, Lalo and Astro

I have to say that I love the androgyny of the names above, with some of my favourites being Marlo, Arlo and Juno. How about you? Do you like the names, or are they just not your cup of tea?

Image: The Letter O