Monday, 17 October 2011

Name in the Spotlight: Wren


This is the first of the 'Name in the Spotlight'. I'll be doing a series of posts, one every week, that will focus on a single name. If you want me to profile a name, I'm open to suggestions. It can be anything, from traditional to unusual and all that are in between.


Wren is becoming a popular choice with parents, although it does not yet rank in the top 1000. The name is commonly used for girls, but some parents have chosen it as a name for their sons.

Its meaning is straight forward: A wren is a small song bird. But it could mean more; the wren is a Celtic symbol for friendliness, a free-spirit, and creativity.

The attraction of Wren is that it stays away from the frilliness that we see with most girl names that are popular nowadays. The nature element is another plus. It reminds people of walking through a forest and hearing a birdsong. Not to mention that the wren is a pretty and petite bird, giving the name good connotations. 

Wren also lacks nicknames, which might appeal to some. It would be difficult to play around with it and make it unattractive. If you do like the option of a nickname, some possibilities could be Ren, Rennie or even Wennie, although they aren't automatically given, like Chris for Chritopher or Jess for Jessica.

Wren is fresh, unexpected, unusual but recognisable. It is feminine but doesn't go overboard with girliness.  Wren could very well become the new Robin or Raven, as both names are steadily declining in popularity.