Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Regal Roman Names: Part 1

Some parents often want a strong, very masculine name for their sons. It is perhaps one of their main criteria when making their big decision. For me, a group that stands out for its masculinity is what I call the 'Regal Roman Names'. Even though some do not have connections to ancient Rome, they sure sound like they do.

Alexius- means 'defender'. It was the name of five Byzantine emperors and was common across the empire.

Argus- means either 'vigilant guardian' or 'glistening, shining'. Argus was the name of mythological creatures, the most well-known being a giant with one hundred eyes.

Atticus- means 'from Attica' in Latin. The name is famously connected with the fictional character Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird.

Augustus- means 'great'. The name was given as an honorific title to Roman emperors. It is also connected to two kings of Poland and two sons of king George III.

Aureliusmeans 'golden'. The name derives from the Aurelia Roman family. Some of its famous carriers include Marcus Aurelius and a fifth century saint.

Brutus- means 'heavy'. It is connected to several important men in ancient Rome, including two of Julius Cesar's assassins. Brutus was also the name of the supposed founder of Britain.

Caius- means 'happy'. It is a variant of the Roman name Gaius. Caius was used by Shakespeare in some of his plays, as well as being the name of a character in the Twilight saga.

Cecilius- means 'blind' or 'sixth'. Cecilius, also spelled Caecillius, was the name of the first proprietor of Maryland. Additionally, it's the name of the patron saint of Granada, Spain.

Cornelius- means 'horn'. It derives from the name of an important ancient Roman family. It is a biblical name, the name of an early Christian saint, and of Pope Cornelius.

Demetriusmeans 'follower of Demeter, the goddess of corn and harvest'. It was the name of a number of kings, including a king of Croatia. The name is linked to early Christian saints and the Shakespearean play A Midsummer Night's Dream, where Demetrius is one of the main characters.

Dionysius- Name of the God of wine and revelry. Some of its famous carriers include poets and philosophers of ancient Greece. The name was used throughout Christianity, with the most well-known Dionysius being the Athenian judge that was converted by Paul.

Erasmus- means 'to love' or 'beloved'. Erasmus is strongly associated with the prominent humanist scholar. It was also the name of an early saint,  known as Saint Elmo.

Flavius- means 'yellow, golden'. Its roots go back to ancient Rome where the Flavius family created a dynasty of emperors. It was used, like Augustus, as an honorific title for 24 Roman emperors.

Georgius- means 'farmer'. Its more common form is George, although there have been ancient figures that have carried the name Georgius, including a theologian, a classical scholar, and a Jesuit priest.

Gustavus- means 'staff of the gods'. It was the name of several kings of Sweden.