Saturday, 22 October 2011

Rugby School Registers 1675-1699

File:Albert Anker Schreibender Knabe c1908.jpg

The following list of names was taken from the Rugby School Registers. Rugby was an elite boarding school for boys opened in 1567. The school remains one of the top independent educational establishments in the UK, although it is now co-educational. For most of its history Rugby opened its doors to boys from  privileged aristocratic and gentry families. In this class of British society, important family names, usually denoting heritage or pedigree, were passed down as first names through generations. What you see in the list is a small sample that I've collected from the registers. They are by no means representative of the naming trends of the period. The traditional John, Thomas, William and George etc. were, of course, more popular. This post will look at the names of some students from 1675 to 1699.

1675- Clement, Lovel, Brent

1679- Ambrose 
1682- Moses, Cornwall

1688- Ady, Barby

1689- Brian, Isaac, Orlando

1691- Cornelius, Elisha, Knightley

1692- Theophilius, Ralph

1694- Cleobury, Basil

1695- Lucy

1696- Draper

1697- Osmond, Whitby

1698- Winfield, Swinfen, Deveroux, Churchill

Image: Schreibender Knabe by Albert Anker.