Friday, 21 October 2011

Saint Names for Girls 

Here is the companion post to Saint Names for Boys. Once again, all the names below are the names of Christian saints.

Ada- Patroness of nuns in France and religious women

Adelaide- Patroness of abuse victims, prisoners, second marriages, parenthood, step-parents and widows

Agatha- Patroness saint of breast cancer

Alena- Patroness of toothaches and eye troubles

Anysia- Pious woman who took a vow of chastity and poverty

Attalia- Abbess of a convent

Asteria- A virgin martyr

Candida- Patroness of Naples, hog roasts and dinning clubs.

Cera- Irish saint

Demetria- Martyr

Emiliana- Aunt of st Gregory the Great and venerated virgin saint

Endellion- Cornish saint who is believed to have been the goddaughter of King Arthur

Fara- Abbess

Hyacinth- Patroness of those in danger of drowning

Lelia- An Irish saint

Melania- Founder of convents

Merryn- A hermitess

Rosalia- Patroness of Palermo, Italy

Thais- A repentant courtesan who converted to Christianity

Thea- Prosecuted for being a Christian

Theodora- Roman martyr

Valentina- Saint burned alive for her beliefs

Winifred- Patroness against unwanted advances

Time for favourites! Well, I adore this list, but I have a little crush on four of the names. Hyacinth is so airy and whispery. Thea and Thais (pronounced Tha-EES or Thai-ese) are short, sweet and different but not outrageous. Endellion (pronounced en-DEL-yon) always makes me think of a dandelion, not to mention how cute the nicknames of Endy, Enny and Della are. British Prime Minister David Cameron gave his daughter the middle name of Endellion, so the name won't be completely unknown. Do you have a favourite?

Image: 'Cupid and Psyche' by Guillaume Seignac