Tuesday, 22 November 2011

II. Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland


Here is the second instalment of the Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland posts.


Trephana- A variation of the Biblical Tryphena, meaning 'delicacy'. 

Violetta- Italian form of Violet, meaning 'purple'.

Lettice- Medieval form of Letitia, meaning 'joy'. It's unfortunate that the name reminds people of lettuce.

Grizel- Scottish variation of  the German Griselda, meaning 'grey battle'. 

Tempest- Of Old French origin, Tempest is a word name meaning 'storm, turbulent'.


Mordaunt-Surname of Norman origin, with the possible meaning of 'death by cuts' (yikes!). It is pronounced as Mordant.

Wrighton-An Old English location surname. It's possible meaning is 'the farm on the ridge'.

Phillippus-Latin form of the Greek Philippos. Its meaning is 'friend of horses'.

Ranulph- Scottish variation of  Randolph, meaning 'shield, wolf'.

Rashleigh- A surname and location name, meaning 'dweller near Rasleigh, Devonshire'.

Most of the names above date back to the Medieval and Tudor periods, but I think some fit in well with more modern names. Wrighton can sit comfortably next to a Leighton, and Ranulph next to a Ralph. Also, although Tempest is now seen as unisex name, it was put in the girls' category for the simple reason that in Commoners it appeared as the name of a woman.

Image: 'Miranda- The Tempest' by John William Waterhouse