Thursday, 17 November 2011

Rugby School Register 1722-1742

The following names were taken from the Rugby School Register for the years of 1722 to 1742. The students of the school came from privileged backgrounds so their given names were not necessarily representative of the population as a whole. The most popular name during this time at the school was actually the classic John.

1722- Burnaby

1723- Tobias

1724- Fulwar Humberston

1725- Leonard

1727- Fielding

1728- Witt

1732- Lancelot, Clarke, Bassett

1736- Barnwell

1742- Wickens, Giles, Maurice, Landon

Fulwar Humberston Skipwith inherited his father's first name, but I wonder how he got his middle name. Landon and Witt sound very modern to me. And how about Leonard? I'm seeing it around a lot these days, but that might be because of  The Big Bang Theory.

Image: Painting by William Bromley