Thursday, 1 December 2011

Marriages at St Ewe, Cornwall 1560-1610

I went rummaging through some more parish registers for today's post. This time I've included both the name of the husband (on the left) and of the wife (on the right).

Ricus & Agneta
Rogerus & Doratia
Johes & Thomasine
Stephanus & Maria
Robtus & Jane
Ralph & Johan
Davye & Jane
Willimus & Ellinora
Thomas & Petronell
Johes & Charitia
Martine & Jane
Stephan & Claris
Nicholaus & Katherin
Johes & Johes
Ricus & Johanna
Johes & Pascis
Allex & Audria
Olivus & Johan
Esayas & Margaret
Humfrid & Christian
Ricus & Richard
Remfra & Johanna
Willmus & Pascues
Stephin & Richord
Jerome & Leatha
Willmus & Beget
Lawns & Constance
Walterus & Jana
Ricus & Petronela
Urinnus & Joane
Petrus & Rosa
Willmus & Emmett
Anthonius & Peternell
Johannes & Penty
Gulielmus & Jana
Johannes & Lowdye
Edmundus & Marya
Vivian & Jane
Willielmus & Gyllian
Henricus & Maricria
William & Sible
Pethericke & Beaton
Moris & Honor
Henricus & Tamsine

A long list, I know, but there were so many good pairings that I couldn't resist. On a side note, I can't help but wonder if some of the names were written into the register in their Latin form. Perhaps they were Latin baptismal names? I'm not exactly sure. Anyway, I've reserved Wednesdays for the 'Marriage' posts, so look out for some more next week.

Image: 'The Coming of the Bride' by John Duncan