Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Marriages at St Ewe, Cornwall 1611- 1654

Somehow it's Wednesday already. I swear I don't remember Monday or Tuesday. In other news, I read somewhere that singer Dev (real name Devin) had a daughter. She named the little one Emilia Lovely. What a pretty name. Anyways, enough chit chat. Let's get down to business and today's post. The following names were taken from the marriage registers of St Ewe, Cornwall. The name of the husband is on the left and the name of the wife is on the right.

Oates & Joane
Thomas & Agose
Johannes & Gracia
Willmus & Tillanye
Anthonie & Prudence
John & Gunnet
William & Paciens
Samson & Lowdie
Nicolas & Richaw
Madren & Jone
William & Julian
Sampson & Charity
Richard & Arminell
John & Chesten
Robert & Senoby
Jerome & Lowday
Poll & Christian
James & Perrelle
Bartholomew & Acude
Michaell & Loveday
Hercules & Ann
Tyack & Mary
William & Betresse
Hugh & Tille
Athanasius & Mary
William & Applyn
Alexander & Christable
Tristam & Willmott
Bawden & Elizabeth
Luas & Mary
Degory & Jone
Thomas & Temperance

Image: 'The Path of Roses' by William Frederick Yeames