Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Rugby School Registers 1771-1789


This is the fifth instalment of the Rugby School Registers. As always, below are the names of some of the boys who attended Rugby.

1771- Stukeley

1772- Fiennes

1773- Lewis, Hacker

1777- Egerton

1779- Jeremiah, Abraham

1780- Elias, Sampson, Leighton, Neville

1781- Herbert

1782- Torrismond

1783- Anchitel, Horace, Rupert

1784- Rowland, Fleetwood

1785- Sheffield, Lucius, Capel

The surprise with this list was how many Fiennes I came across. They were showing up left and right. If not for the strong connection to Ralph Fiennes, I would very much like it (I didn't care for him as Heathcliff). Talking of actors, Leighton sounds very modern to my ears. Could it be a name to watch out for?

Image: 'The Oddie Children' by Sir William Beechey. The children in the painting are Sarah, Henry, Catherine and Jane Oddie.