Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Across the Pond: Marriages in Wethersfield, CT 1739-1765

 File:Mr and Mrs Ralph Izard by John Singleton Copley 1775.jpeg

I feel as though there should be some sort of disclaimer to this post, so here it is: The only bit of American history I have ever done was during my second year of university when it was compulsory for history students to take a module in American history. It turned out to be six very unpleasant weeks. Of course, this has nothing do with the US or Americans. It is just that my interest has always been in the cultural history of the British elite between 1789 and 1837. This means that I am extremely clueless about all things American. However, when I came across an ebook by Frederick W. Bailey listing marriages in Connecticut prior to 1800, I couldn't resist. Below are the names of couples married in Wethersfield, Connecticut between 1739 and 1765. As always, husbands are on the left and their wives are on the right.

Josiah & Millesset
Elisha & Mehitable
Obadiah & May
Nathaniel & Comfort
Elihu & Hannah
Solomon & Lydie
Aaron & Mercy
Josiah & Judah
Cephas & Sarah
Israel & Penelope
Silas & Jerusha
Simeon & Damaris
Hosea & Eunice
Chester & Mable
Joseph & Hopeful
Josiah & Thankful (surname Not)
Othniel & Hannah
Justus & Martha
Noadiah & Rebeckah  

Since Bailey's book is rather large (and I have found two of them), these posts will be going on for quite a while. Any information that anyone could share about Americans living in the 1700s and their names, or about this particular area of the US, would be very welcomed.

Image: Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Izard by John Singleton Copley.