Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Across the Pond: Marriages in Wethersfield, CT 1780- 1789

We jump from Madron, Cornwall to Wethersfield, Connecticut. The marriages below took place between 1780 and 1789.

John & Pollicena
Ezekiel & Unice
Zebulon & Lucretia
Asa & Prudence
Thomas & Salome
Norman & Huldah
Japhet & Ann
Daniel & Olly
Abijah & Charity
Cabel & Martha
Prince & Hephzebah
Noah & Experience
James & Meribah
Simeon & Patience
Jonathan & Marelas
Cato & Rebecca
Wait & Lucy

Cato has always seemed to me to be a very interesting name. It is a Roman cognomen meaning 'wise'. Cato the Elder was a Roman statesman and his grandson, Cato the Younger, a politician and philosopher. As a masculine name, Cato has appeared twice in the US top 1000, in 1880 and 1891. Even better, in the Netherlands, Cato has been used as a diminutive of Catharina, the Dutch and Swedish form of Catherine. As nicknames for Catherine go, Cato makes Cat, Cathy and Cath look rather frumpy. Of course, with the release of The Hunger Games this year, Cato (the name of a less than pleasant character in the triology) may lose some of its fresh appeal.

Image: 'The Artist and His Family' by James Peale.