Thursday, 19 January 2012

Kings of Ailech and Kings of Brega
The Kings of Ailech and Kings of Brega ruled over two medieval kingdoms of Ireland. Both set of rulers were descendants of the Uí Néill family. Below are the names of a few kings from the kingdoms mentioned.

Fergal- Irish name meaning 'man of valour', derived from fear 'man' and gal 'valour'.

Áed- Ancient Irish name meaning 'fire'.

Niall- Gaelic spelling of Neil. Possible meaning is 'champion'.

Máel- Celtic name meaning 'prince'.

Murchad- A variant of Murchadh meaning 'sea warrior'.

Conn- Irish name meaning 'chief'.

Colmán- Irish form of Columbo meaning 'dove'.

Ardgar- Variant of Ardghal meaning 'high valour'. Its Anglicised form is Ardal.

Domnall- Gaelic form of Donald meaning 'ruler of the world'.

Blathmac- Old Irish name with the elements 'blath' meaning 'flower' and 'mac' meaning 'son'. Its meaning has also been interpreted as 'blooming youth'. 

Cathal- There are various meanings for this name, such as 'battle-mighty' and 'strong in battle'. Others see its meaning as 'battle rule', due to its Celtic elements 'cath' for 'battle' and 'val' for rule.

Cenn- Old Irish name meaning 'head'.

Conall- Usually interpreted to mean 'strong wolf'. 

Image: 'The High Chamber of Tara, the National Assembly of Ireland in Medieval Times'.