Thursday, 5 January 2012

Marriages at St Ewe, Cornwall 1656- 1725

This is the third instalment of the Marriage at St Ewe posts. This time we cover the years of 1656 to 1725. Husbands' names are on the left and their wife's names are on the right.

Henry & Zenobie
Richard & Phillep
Silvester & Judeth
Alexander & Lawny
Urin & Phillip
John & Duanes
Edward & Issat
Andrew & Radigab
Josephus & Juditha
Petrus & Temperantia
Tristramus & Blancia
Henricus & Jenefera
Gulielmus & Gratia
Willielmus & Zabathia
Josephus & Lowdaia
Franciscus & Ipsa
Johannes & Wilmotta
Henricus & Grezuella
Johannes & Richova
Guarvicus & Anna

While I adore the meaning of Grace, I find the name itself to be somewhat predictable and overused, especially in the middle spot. Gratia, Grace in Latin, is a punchier choice, but still keeps the beautiful meaning and all its sweet charm. Equally, to spice up the classic Peter, the Latin Petrus is a fantastic alternative that will stand out in a crowd. 

Image: 'The Parting of Evangeline and Gabriel' by John Faed.