Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Marriages at St Ewe, Cornwall 1726-1812

This is the last post on the Marriages at St Ewe. I hope everyone enjoyed the 'series'. I leave these posts with this: Frederick, Prince of Wales and son of George II, and Anne Vane, Maid of Honour to his mother, Queen Caroline, had an illegitimate son together, Cornwall FitzFrederick.

Stephen & Patience
Melchisedeck & Ann
Arthur & Avis
Thomas & Thamasine
William & Philipy
Fraunceis & Damaris
Parmenas & Elizabeth
Eusebius & Dorothy
Jabez & Jenifer
Emmanuel & Honor
Edward & Olympias
Serapion & Elizabeth
Lapidoth & Maria
Carolus & Penelope
Ludovicus & Maria
Uryeh & Philippa
Solomon & Honoria
Jacobus & Dinah
Hugh & Griswel
Sampson & Keturah
Stephen & Bathsheba

Image: 'A Distraction from Chores' by Auguste Serrure.