Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Rubgy School Registers 1801-1814

Finally we enter the nineteenth century in the Rugby School Registers. The names below are of some of the students of Rubgy, an all boy school at this time.

1801- Fortunatus, Eustachius

1804- Barned, Symon

1806- Hastings

1808- Somerville, Donald

1809- Harvey, Wastel, Bempde, Duncomb, Whiteman, Wilson

1810- Percy, Randall, Septimus

1811- Suffield, Winchcombe, Leigh, Offley

1812- Gresley, Partridge, Bruce, Stokeham, York, Clopton, Gilbert, Hedley

1813- Claudius, Scrope 

1814- Haywood, Marcus, Wilfred, Hensleigh, Otho, Watkin

Such interesting names. Some definitely usable, but others less so. Fortunatus, a late Roman name meaning 'fortunate', could be used as a sort of virtue name. And sweet Percy should really be talked about more often, and maybe it will. For now, however, it resides outside the top 1000 in England and Wales.

Image: 'Hamlet' by Charles Hunt.