Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Across the Pond: Marriages in Scotland CT 1735-1774


Continuing the Across the Pond series, but this time in Scotland, Connecticut. The names below are of couples who married there between 1735 and 1774. Husbands are on the left and their wives are on the right.

Hezkiah & Zerviah
Ichabod & Pheebe
James & Faith
Thomas & Weltheand
Henry & Bethia
John & I D’ono
Jeduthan & Anne
Napthali & Mary
James & Lear
Rhodolpha & Ann
Jonah & Alithea
Eliphaz & Triphena
Jabez & Zippora
Elisha & Kersiah
Gamaliel & Elizabeth
Amos & Jemima
Pennel & Jerusha
Abigense & Lydia
Crocker & Lucy
Joseph & Tamizen

I D'ono's surname was Who. Yes, her full name was I D'ono Who. Wouldn't that be great? Most likely, however, whoever married them simply forgot the wife's name by the time the marriage was entered in the register. Still, I would like to imagine that there was indeed an I D'ono Who. Also, I'm rather like the use of Lear as a feminine name. Since it is usually connected with the Shakespearean play King Lear, it could prove difficult to wear. However, I think similarities to names such as Leah and Rhea could very well make it an unexpected choice that wouldn't really be all that wild.

Image: The Washington Family by Edward Savage.