Monday, 20 February 2012

Name Loves: Handsome Scandinavians

We took a look at the unpopular male names and at some Scandinavian Beauties, so it only seems right to check out masculine names that are currently being used in Sweden, Norway and Iceland. The names below appear in the top 100 in the countries mentioned but do not feature in the US or the England and Wales top 1000. The rankings for Sweden and Iceland are from 2011 and Norway from 2010.


Arvid (#18) - From the Old Norse name Arnviðr,  it derives from the elements arn 'eagle' and viðr 'tree'.

Sixten (#44) - A variant form of  the name Sighsten, it means 'victory stone'. If you can have Seven, why not Sixten?

Ville (#45) - Finnish diminutive of William.


Brage (#59) -  Swedish and Norwegian form of Bragi, it comes from the Old Norse 'bragr' meaning 'the best' or 'poetry'. In Norse mythology Brage was the god of  poetry and music.

Sander (#15) - Short form of Alexander. It could also stem from the Old Norse name Sandarr, meaning 'sand army'.

Mikkel (#48) -  A variant of Michael, meaning 'who is like god?', or it may derive from the Scandinavian 'mikill' meaning 'enormous'.


Atli (= #43) - Old Norse form of Attila, which was often used as a pet form for the name Atta, meaning 'father'. The name also has associations with the word atall, meaning 'wild' or 'violent'.

Elvar (#70) - From the Old Norse Elfar, it means 'rivers'. It could very well be a new nature name to add to the list.

Ragnar (#20) - Modern form of Ragnarr, derived from the Old Norse elements 'ragn' and 'her', meaning 'advise' and 'army'.

Image: An illustration taken from Siegfried and the Twilight of the Gods by Arthur Rackham.