Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Rugby School Registers 1790-1799

More names from Rugby. This time we look to the very end of the eighteenth century. As always, the names below are of Rugby students.

1790- Job Walden

1791- Sambrooke 

1792- Julius, Gervase, Granvile 

1793- Albert, Bethel, Gourt 

1794- Dominick, Foster 

1795- Willoughby, Hoveden, Kenelm 

1796- Heneage, Brook, Gillow, Roderick 

1797- Graham, Delvin, Watkin 

1798- Evelyn, Cowper 

1799- Jodrell, Bache, Orlebar, Oswald

Of the names above, Delvin, with the possible meaning of 'godly friend', seems to be quite usable, although it might be easily confused with Devlin. Another name I can easily see appearing on a birth announcement is Kenelm, the name of an Anglo-Saxon king and martyr of the English kingdom of Mercia. Other variants of the name include Cenhelm and Cynehelm.

Image: 'Master John Truman-Villebois and his Brother Henry' by Thomas Gainsborough.