Thursday, 28 June 2012

Rugby School Registers 1816-1830

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Since things are winding down at work, I can finally get out my notebook and finish the Rugby School Register series that has been on hold for some time. Just a quick reminder about what these posts contain: Below are the names of boys from the British upper classes who attended Rugby, an elite boarding school for boys founded in the 16th century. Where years have been missed out, it simply means that the names found for that year were your common George, William, John and co.

1816 - Forbes, Watson, Spencer, Norman, Lee, Hankinson, Orlando

1818 - Braithwaite

1819 - Horatio, Porteus, Corbet

1820 - Hanson, Grayson, Townshend, Wentworth, Bradford, Glynne, Gray

1821 - Lechmere, Roynon, Baynham, Hampden

1822 - Gartside, Dalton

1823 - Roundell

1824 - Caryer

1826 - Sinckler, Hervey

1827 - Lionel, Yarborough

1828 - Craven, Meyrick, Archer, Seymour

1829 - Brownlow, Hurst, Wenman, Conan, Boyce, Josias, Rathbone, Mascie

1830 - Halford, Dalrymple, Howell, Mortimer, Stewart 

Grayson, Gray and Archer could have stepped out of a modern birth announcement. Some of the others, though, have a distinct early 19th century feel to them, and you would be surprised to see them being used now. There are few that stand out including Lechmere, an Old English surname meaning 'stream', and Meyrick, which has a number of possible origins, all of them ancient. It could possibly derive from Maurice, meaning 'fame' and 'power'.

Image: A Surprise Party by John George Brown