Friday, 6 July 2012

Strawberries and Cream

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Wimbledon season has started, which means I'm once again hooked on tennis. Last year I looked at the names of some of the male players, so it's only fair that this year the women get a turn. Just like with the last post, I've included the players' rankings - which were taken from the official WTA website - and any interesting names connected with them. 

16. Kaia Kanepi - She has two sisters, Kadrin and Karin. The family seems to have a Kardashian thing going on, but with better names, in my opinion. Kaia is a diminutive of Katarina, meaning 'hen'.

26. Yanina Wickmayer - Her name was apparently inspired by Maradona's daughter's name, Giannina, which may be derived from Giovanna, meaning 'Yahweh is gracious'.

41. Ksenia Pervak -  The Polish form of Xenia, her name means 'hospitality'.

46. Polona Hercog - A Slovene short form of Apollonia, which is derived from Apollo and may mean 'strength'. Her mother's name is equally as interesting, Romana.

52. Sorana Cirstea - It has the possible meaning of 'beautiful aurora'. She has a younger brother, Mihnea. 

57. Galina Voskoboeva - Russian feminine form of Galen meaning 'calm'.

69. Timea Babos -  A literary Hungarian named created in 1873, meaning 'good spirits, joy'.

72. Arantxa Rus - Her name may be derived from the Basque 'arantza' or 'thornbush'. (There are actually two tennis players with this first name)Her sister has a much more common name, Kim. 

87. Romina Sarina Oprandi - Likely a variant of Romana, it has the clear meaning of 'Roman'. Her family has a theme going on, too. Mother is Romy, father Robert, and brother Romeo.

91. Virginie Razzano - The French form of Virginia, it means 'maid, virgin'. She has a sister named Aurelie.

107. Edina Gallovits-Hall - Her full name is Klaudia Edina, but she goes by her middle name which is likely derived from the name of a Hungarian town. She has a sister named Alida.

114. Garbine Murguruza -  Another Basque name, meaning 'clean, pure'. Her brothers are Asier (Basque name, 'the beginning') and Igor.

136. Aravane Rezai -  A family with fantastic names: Her parents are called Arsalan and Nouchine, her brother Anauch, and sister Caminde. 

153. Vitalia Diatchenko -  An Italian name with the unsurprising meaning 'of life, vital'. Her father is called Anatoly and her brother Sergey.

180. Amra Sadikovic - An Arabic name with the possible meaning of 'princess'.

201. Margalita Chakhnashvili - A Hebrew name meaning 'pearl'.

206. Vesna Dolonc - A Slavic name meaning 'messenger'. Vesna is married to Arsen Dolonts.

253. Zarina Diyas - A Persian name meaning 'golden'.

270. Mailen Auroux - Her name has the likely meaning of 'chain'.

Image: Toilette d'ete Pour Fillette de Dix a Douze Ans