Friday, 12 October 2012

Tis A Year!

 File:Frederick Daniel Hardy - The First Birthday Party.JPG

I'm not surprise that I missed Baby Names From Yesteryear's first birthday (it was on the 10th), but I am surprised that I managed to keep blogging for a whole entire year. Despite my love of procrastination, my poor attention span, and my general forgetfulness, Names Yesteryear made it. Yay.

I think of no better way to celebrate than looking back a bit. After all, looking back is what we do here in Yesteryear land. Get ready for useless information...

So, why did this whole mess start? Like so many things in my life, I got bored. And I like names. And I clearly had too much time on my hands.

Baby Names From Yesteryear was originally going to be called Names of Yesterday, but someone had already claimed that domain (thanks to whoever that was...). It was going to have a red and black theme going on, but it made me squinty, and I'm just not edgy enough to pull it off. In the end I went with the sky blue and a pastel coral-y colour, because I thought they were pretty, and that's usually a good enough reason for me. Apart from those changes, Yesteryear is exactly what I thought it was always going to be. There's names and there's history.

This all started with the names from The Gentleman's Magazine. It remains to this day my absolute favourite source. The first name I mentioned on this blog was taken from the Magazine - it was Emmeline Eden, the name of an aristocratic woman married in 1809. But not all names I've picked out from sources have been as tame. There's been Sophronia, Petronila, Xantippe, Xerxes and Clotworthy, to name a few. I like them weird and wonderful, strange and intriguing. But that's a given.

However, one aspect of name blogging that is a challenge for me is keeping my favourites and my most disliked to myself. I don't think I'm that successful in remaining unbiased, though. Like most people, I have an opinion on everything. I have an opinion on the colour of asphalt, for goodness' sake - Am I the only one who thinks that it should be green rather than grey? It would be so much more cheery! - So keeping some of the less-than-polite comments in my mind is a bit difficult. Hopefully, however, I have always remained respectful of other's likes and dislikes, even when I don't agree.

After all, what I really like about names is the diversity. Everyone likes different names, we all have different styles, and we all have different guilty-pleasures. Names are fun. And that's what I've had for the last year. People in the name blogosphere are just lovely, particularly all the name bloggers who keep churning out such interesting, informative posts and are so supportive towards one another. You guys are fab.

So, yeah. It's been fun.

I'll shut up now before I get gushy.

Image: The First Birthday Party by Frederick Daniel Hardy