Friday, 2 November 2012

Seven Sisters and Seven Oaks a break from the Brazil series, I thought it would be fun to play a name game of sorts. I was thinking about the Seven Sisters Station and Sevenoaks, the latter named because of the seven huge oaks in the grounds of Knole House (now only one survives). I, of course, got to naming them straight away. My answer is below, and I even got my mum to join in! Yes, there was heavy amounts of eye rolling.

What would you name the Seven Sisters and Seven Oaks? I'd love to hear what name combos people have floating about in their heads :)

My Seven Sisters

Helena Margaux
Emmeline Jane
Lavinia Lucienne
Rosamund Estelle
Frederica Beatrice
Melisande Evangeline
Isadora Violette

My Seven Oaks:

Ptolemy Hart
Lucien Eli
Alexander Saxon
Magnus Orion
Peniston Adair
Sebastien Jem
Jasper Soren

My mama only did the Seven Sister because she was all 'I can't think of 14 boy names!'

Vitoria Carolina
Esther Sophia
Leonora Isabel
Livia Margarida
Beatriz Louisa
Gabriela Philippa
Petra Marisa

Image: Seven Sisters Station by Sunil060902