Monday, 20 January 2014

Boys from Naples 1810-1820

File:Ferdinand IV, King of Naples, and his Family (1783) Kaufmann.jpg 

Here's the accompanying post for Names from Naples. Once again, I've been looking at Naples for early nineteenth century names. The names on the list below are of baby boys born in Naples between 1810 and 1820. There was a lot more variety than with the girls, but there were still a few that stood out as being more popular with parents, such as Giuseppe, Giovanni, Domenico and Antonio.

Achille Agostino Alesandro Andrea
Angelo Aniceto Aniello Arcangelo
Aristide Battista Biase Crescenzo
Cristofaro Custode Diodato Domenico
Ermenegildo Erminio Federico Felice
Filippo Gennaro Gesue Giacinto 
Giovanni Giuliano Guglielmo Ignazio
Ilario Isidoro Lazzaro Liberato
Lorenzo Luca Marino Mattia
Medoro Michele Mose Natale
Nicola Nunzio Ottavio Paolo
Pietro Raffaele Rocco Roceo
Ruggiero Sabato Salvatore Saverio
Sebastiano Simone Stanislano Tobia
Tommaso Troiano

There are a few names on the list that have already caught the eye of many modern parents, like Luca, Lorenzo and Rocco. Others have been left behind, which is such a shame because every name deserves a lil bit of attention.

Cristofaro may seem like a mouthful at first but it has so many possibilities! It is a more unusual way to get to the nickname Chris, pushing aside the conventional Christopher or Christian, and there is also the quite trendy Cristo, which I think could be a hit. The same goes for Tommaso, although he may be a little bit harder to use. 

Andrea, the Italian form of Andreas, is so handsome. Yes, many will think that it is the name of a girl, but think of the surprise! It may be a tad old fashioned on a girl, with a bit of a 90s vibe. On a boy, I think it would have the wow factor. It's not over the top, it's familiar, but it's just different enough to catch people's attention. 

Then take Felice. Yes, it is the Italian form of cool Felix, with the nice meaning of 'lucky, successful'. More importantly, however, it is also the Italian word for 'happy'. Such an upbeat, sunshine-filled name.

I love when history brings up such an interesting selection of names. Nothing better than to scroll through page after page and come across the traditional, the unexpected, the weird and the wonderful.

Image: Portrait of Ferdinand IV of Naples and his Family by Angelica Kauffman.