Friday, 18 April 2014

French Delights 1780-1880

File:Edgar Germain Hilaire Degas 079.jpg

Continuing with this week's French theme, let's dive into the past of French names a bit more. I've compiled a list of names given to baby girls born between 1780 and 1880 from the birth registers of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Coutance, which covers the Manche area in Lower Normandy.

It's a look into 100 years of naming, meaning that the list doesn't give us any specific insight into trends, but it does nevertheless provide a fascinating and delightful taste of 18th and 19th century French feminine names. And that's nothing to sniff at. 

Adelaï   Adelina Adelphe Adrienne  Aglaé
Aglantine Aimable Albine Alexandrine Almaïde
Aloyse Alzine Alzire Amelina Anaïs
Anastasie Anathalie Anblée Andrée Ange
Anida Annise Annoncia Argentine Arsène
Artémise  Aseline Aselma Athanaïs Augustine
Aurelie Azélie Azelma Balthilde Bernandine
Berthe Betrande  Bonne Celestine Cesarine
Cirette Clemence Clère Clotilde Colombe
Constentine Cosarine Delphine Docile Edmonde
Eléontine  Elmire Emérence  Estelle Eulalie
Euphémie Euphrasie  Félicité Flavie  Flore
Flosine Fortunée Gabrielle Gilette Grotte
Helaine Hortense Hyacinthe Idolette Isabeau
Ismérie Jeannine Julienne Juste Laurencia
Lea Leonis Leontine  Luce Lucille
Magloire  Marcelline Mathurinne Matthiase  Melancia
Melie Mélimia Melina Mélite  Mer
Modeste Modette Narcisse Nestorine Nicolasse 
Noëlle  Noëlle Olimphe Olive Olympiade
Pascaline Pelagie Perrine Philottée Praxede
Reine Roberde  Rosalie Scholastique Sebastienne
Sidonie Tharsylle Tranquille Valentine Venance 
Victorine Vierge Virginie Vitaline Yves
Zelie Zoée 

I'll be taking a look at some of the more obscure beauties above in the next coming weeks. They definitely deserve to be chatted about!

Do you have any favourites from the list?

Image: The Pink Dancers, Before the Ballet by Edgar Degas