Friday, 18 July 2014

American Names from 1790

File:Boston 1768.jpg

In keeping with my list obsession, I thought I would keep going but this time with male names. I can't actually believe it but my last 9 post have concentrated exclusively on female names, and that's not great. So, here is a long list of late 18th century American male names. These names were taken from the first US census of 1790. It's quite an eccletic mix.

Abner Ademiston Adron Anthorite
Armstead Bartrum Berryman Boon
Brasil Brazilla Buckner Burkley
Byrd Calvan Calway Cannon
Charlton Clairborne Collier Coy
Cullen Darden Demcy Dempsey
Deverix Dew Drury Duncan
Eaton Epenetus  Findel Forbis
Gray Hancob Hardy Harris
Hartwell Higdon Hillard Ignatious
Isra Kader Kemp Kindred
Laban Lachareah Lachlan Larkin
Lazarus Lemuel Leven Lodewick
Luck Marcillus Masheck Misell
Neven Nimrod Ormond Orson
Peyton Presley Ransom Reddick
Repps Sherwood Spillsby Sterling
Sugars Tames Tarler Thamer
Thowegood Tomfy Vinson West
Whitmill Wier Wynn Yancey
Zacheus Zadock Zephaniah

Image: A view of the Town of Boston in New England and British ships of war landing their troops, 1768