I thought since I was changing the colour scheme and all that I should re-do this page... Or I'm just really bored. Let's pretend it's the first one, kay?

I have no babies. Frankly, the idea of having one pretty much freaks me out. I don't see this changing any time soon. My poor mother is in despair at the thought of having to wait another 5-10 years for a granbaby from me. Don't feel too bad for her though; I have a sibling who doesn't share my views on baby puke/ childbirth. 

I do, however, like history and names. And I love names with history (see what I did there?) I spend a stupid amount of time looking for historical sources and searching them for the loveliest, wackiest, most unusual names that I can possibly find.

My sources are so varied that it'd be crayzay for me to list them all. They are mainly books which I find, sometimes online articles or journals. I try to include my main source with every post I do, but let's be honest, I forget most of the time (shh, don't tell my uni professors or they would be horrified). 

And, if you're wondering, yes I'm qualified to deal with this yesteryear business. I got a degree in it and everything. No, I promise I'm not joking. I'm a qualified History Reader... that's not what it says on my university certificate but it has a nice ring to it.